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About Accolade

Accolade has been breaking rules and making games for over 30 years. Extending from the floppy era all the way to the release of its first Nintendo Switch game in 2019, Accolade has always stood for action and excitement! Today, Accolade represents both new and classic games across all platforms as a publisher, IP licensor and media company focused on new and exciting ventures in the world of gaming and beyond.


Building on million sellers like Bubsy™ and Hardball™ and its catalog of classic titles like Eradicator and Redline, Accolade also extends its publishing network to partners with small and indie studios who develop games that we proudly present under the Accolade label.


Accolade is expanding its e-distribution channel to select indie development studios to who want to expand their presence on Steam to other sites such as Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical and other gaming venues. 


We welcome key partnerships in licensing our Accolade name and IP content to a variety of entertainment and non-entertainment channels in many consumers markets where retro consumers and game fans identify with the iconic brand, games and logo.


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