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Bubsy: Paws on Fire! Digital Launch Slated for May 16th, Regular and Limited Physical Editions also

Exotic Limited Edition Package coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4!

Santa Cruz, CA – April 2nd – Choice Provisions—maker of the BIT.TRIP games, and Accolade have announced that Bubsy: Paws on Fire!, the mammoth auto-runner featuring that Star of Stage, Screen and Video Games, Bubsy, will debut on PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam on May 16th. In addition, both a regular and Limited Edition Physical version of Paws on Fire is available on Amazon for pre-book starting today. The game will also be available in Canada, Europe and Asia. The Limited Edition Physical version on both PS4 and Switch both contain a CD sampler of the OST and a deluxe Player's Guide with never before seen images of Bubsy and his crew – only available in this super limited version. The Switch version only also includes a reversible custom cover.

Paws on Fire! Is Bubsy’s biggest adventure yet, featuring:

  • Four playable characters, each with their own unique game mechanics! Fly and shoot your way through the air as The Woolie, take it underground with Arnold’s bonus levels, or run your way to victory with Bubsy and Virgil Reality!

  • An all-new story featuring the unlikely alliance between Bubsy and his archrivals, The Woolies!

  • Over 140 levels and variations set across three different worlds!

  • Three different boss battles!

  • A unique combo system and set of leaderboards for every character!

  • A shop with costumes and cosmetics, all of which players can unlock just by playing the game. There are no in-game purchases!

  • Unique character dialog for every level!

  • A variety of unique collectible types, ensuring maximum re-playability!

  • The return of Oinker, Terri, Terry, and many other characters from previous Bubsy incarnations! We’ve even included Virgil Reality from the Bubsy pilot--we dug deep!

Bubsy Reacts... I think Choice Provisions and I really nailed it. They wrote, produced, developed and created Paws On Fire, but I did everything else! So, it was mostly me. Choice Provisions Reacts… We’re super excited to present Bubsy: Paws on Fire to everyone. We’ve been Bubsy fans for decades and this was a game we had to make. We’ve put a little bit of everything into the game, except Ghost Peppers – that’s too hot even for Bubsy!

Get ready for Bubsy: Paws on Fire! to hit the Earth on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC this May. Tommo, Inc. is the exclusive worldwide distributor. Available now for pre-book on Amazon and on sale at launch on Playstation Store, Nintendo eShop, Steam, Amazon,, and and fine stores wherever Bobcats are sold.

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